2019 Summer Initiative

It is our great joy and pleasure to work with Buffalo’s most transformative and creative leaders to assist in building our very first community Memorial garden! This garden will encompass stunning designs of elegance and beauty as we showcase our love and appreciation for all those who may have been convicted or murdered due to a lack of love or understanding within our communities. As violence runs rampant within our community, it was the idea of our great leader Momma Charlene Miller to create a memorial garden for all those who may have been affected by the violence within our communities. Within the garden we have designated benches, shrubs, plaques, and walls that are dedicated to all those who ma have been effected by gang violence, or murder within our neighborhoods. Though this may not be a complete list of all the names and memories of those who may have died, it stands to show a sense of unity, and solidarity within the hearts and minds of our people here in the Great city of Buffalo NY.

Our objectives are very clear: