Our goal for the 2019 Summer Initiative will be to continue the hard work from last year and target several major streets within the community to be cleaned. We will be working in tandem with leaders and volunteers who all share the same vision and understanding that a clean community, is the start to a promising future.

We believe that where you live, should be a place in which you take pride in, and truly love and appreciate. A beautiful neighborhood breeds beautiful people, and a welcoming environment produces a welcoming atmosphere. This is the defining factor in which makes people fall love with where they live, so we aim to beautify every place in which the U.I.O.W Coalition for a Greater Western New York impacts, or adopts.

It is our goal to inspire those around us to continue to take up the mantel of caring where they live. It only takes but a small effort from a select few, to build and create an impact that can be greater than the efforts of what we could have done individually.