The UIOW Coalition prides itself on building communities and establishing relationships. We employ unique and practical ways to engage community residents, by providing them the essential tools needed to revitalize under-served communities.

When it comes down to neighborhoods, it is our belief that we are the stewards of the places in which we live. Revitalization must and should come form within, and not be sought from outside. We believe in equipping residents and community members with the essential knowledge that is needed to begin to build their own place in which they can be proud of.

The UIOW strives to be the definition of Community revitalization by being a great steward over the place in which we live. It only takes one person to care, to pick up that one piece of trash, and to organize their neighbors to be the best they can be. Through the actions of one, we can bring the change to many.

The UIOW encourages personal and authentic relationships with those around we call neighbors. Community Revitalization goes beyond building a beautiful community form the outside. It ties into the fabrics that create a strong network of individuals, it builds on the real relationships between neighbors, so that the most important part of community revitalization can begin. This summer we will continue to build relationships, clean our neighborhoods, empower our youth, and transform our future.