With the construction of the Memorial Garden it is our goal to also provide scholarships to local youth for the exemplary hard work and dedication to the erection of such a monument in honor of our fallen friends and loved ones.

We have the remarkable ability to bring A new positive change into our community, by partnering with local organizations, and community Champions from across our beautiful neighborhood!

Our strategic approach to employment caters to the demographic of which we serve, and that is you! Your children, your loved ones, you family, and your friends will all be able to partake in the beautiful opportunity to make our home a beautiful and wonderful place to be!

Working with skilled entrepreneurs, quality trades men, and our young adult population. Our goal is to allow our community the direct access to funds that will impact the cleanliness of our streets and education for our young men and women.

We offer opportunities to allow young men and women to earn a Community Champion Educational Scholarship for their participation in cleaning and beautifying the neighborhood in which they reside.