Financial literacy is the education and understanding of many different financial areas. These are the skills necessary to become well equipped and informed individuals within life. Some of these topics are centered around managing ones’ personal finance, money and wise investment strategies. This topic focuses on the ability to manage their personal finances in relation to making wise choices with the money they have.

The UIOW strives to create a sense of awareness on the impending danger of being a constant consumer, and not planning and preparing their personal wealth for future use. Learning these skills in an efficient manner and including the knowledge of making appropriate decisions about personal finance at a young age is essential to our model and institution. We believe learning things such as investing, insurance, real estate, paying for college, budgeting, retirement and tax planning we be the greatest foundation a young adult can build for themselves.

It has been stated by the greats of times past that we must understand “Never stop and forget that collectively — that means all of us together — collectively we are richer than all the nations in the world, with the exception of nine. Did you ever think about that? After you leave the United States, Soviet Russia, Great Britain, West Germany, France, and I could name the others, the American Negro collectively is richer than most nations of the world. We have an annual income of more than thirty billion dollars a year, which is more than all of the exports of the United States, and more than the national budget of Canada. Did you know that? That’s power right there, if we know how to pool it.” — Martin Luther King April 3rd 1968

Throughout the summer program we will be encouraging our youth to make wise decision, while also pairing them with a skilled knowledgeable financial professional. It is our goal to not only provide our students with the ability to build their communities, but also build their financial portfolios and future as well.